Sunday, October 10, 2010

Country Roads

Yesterday Sweetz and I went to Mt. Airy, NC, where we met our son and family.  We spent the day together walking up and down the historic main street checking out the Autumn Leaves Fall Festival.  It was nice sharing our day with them and stopping at some of the booths to view the arts, crafts, and specialty items.  There were some unique creations this year but I didn't buy much.  We noticed it looked like few were making purchases this year.  In past years, I remember seeing folks walking around with their arms loaded down with their precious finds.  Not this year, few were buying.  Our son and wife bought more than the average - oh but they were rather secretive about what was in some of the bags.  Ummmm, mysteries.  I forgot my camera so only had my cell phone but got a few pictures of the boys at the pumpkin patch. 

We probably won't be seeing our older grandson again this month who has a birthday in a few days, so we gave him his gift.  He said he'd wait until his birthday to open it.  He'll be 8.  He is growing up so quickly, can still remember when he was a wee baby.  He has decided to have a sleepover for 5 of his friends.  There won't be much sleep in that household but I'm sure the boys will have a great time. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day and warmed up into the low 80s.  Today was more of the same with our high reaching 80.  Yep, a gorgeous day.  Sweetz and I went to church this morning then munched a Sonic burger in the shade of their awning.  The day was beautiful so we drove around in the country and Sweetz stopped a couple of times to allow me take a few pictures.  We saw an RV for sale by owner, but when we stopped to investigate,  we ruled it out because of high mileage.  Another stop was to be for apples but the stand was closed for the day so we plan to go back one day this week.  Oh well, the drive was lovely with the beauty of the autumn around us.  Some of the trees are beginning to show some color - mostly red.  That's unusual since the first color to show in our area is always yellow.  Red is nearly always one of the last colors to be evident.  Every year, God gives us something different to view.  No two years are the same.  Most of our trees are still green.  And the ACORNS!!!  It's almost dangerous to walk around the yard.  They are large and plenteous this year.  Almost need armour and a helmet to keep from being beaten up. 

Barn with hay rolls under a roof extension

One of our county roads with trees showing only a bit of color

The grands at a pumpkin patch Saturday in Mt. Airy

Someone around here called this a stink bug.  I wouldn't know.  I didn't squish him to find out.

One big spider under the eave of our house

She's a pen camouflaged as a fuzzy witch

Another area barn with a BIG wagon of wood ready for the winter months

This yellow mum sure brightens up the season

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