Sunday, October 3, 2010

Church picnic

Today was a bit on the chilly side so fall is definitely in the air.  That's ok, with such a long hot summer, this is a pleasant change.  Our Sunday morning services were real nice followed by lunch with a couple of friends - tried out a different restaurant.  Sure will be glad when our old seafood feeding trough is rebuilt after the fire they experienced a couple of months ago.   Knowing there was a church picnic at the church camp, I decided since I hadn't made the cookies I meant to bake, a stop at the grocery store for Plan B became Plan A. As soon as I walked in the door, the slaw fixings were calling my name.  The church was to provide fried chicken and pizza.  The members were to bring side dishes and desserts.  So, in a flash I knew slaw would make a terrific choice.  We hurried home and I made a mean bowl of slaw.  I know it was good because I sampled it!  Yummmmm  After we changed to casual clothes, off we went.

Camp Center building

Camp signpost

There were outdoor games already in progress but I chose to walk around and take a couple of pictures, then headed to the center to chew the fat with the ladies while listening to some groups sing.  In a bit the outside folk came in and we all sat down to a great meal followed by some good music by various groups. 

A badminton game in progress when we arrived

Working together as a team

Bean bag toss.  The other side won

A friendly game of horseshoes.  Our pastor is in the red shirt.
I was sleepy before I ever arrived, so I was ready to head home right after the last song.  Now, it's time for bed's only 9pm.  This retirement is really rough, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else.  Tomorrow is Monday, don't have to rush to work...what do I have to rush to do?  I'll sleep on that one awhile.   

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