Friday, October 8, 2010

Slow Way Home

Today was so beautiful - the kind of fall day that nearly takes your breath away.  Everything seemed more alive at every turn.  My library books were due today - seemed like a suitable way to spend a bit of time.  Time to get out and enjoy the beauty of the season.  And it also gave me the opportunity of a slow way home.

A few stops over the course of the afternoon brightened my day even more.  Beauty was everywhere.  Yep, even a cow in the pasture and a nail popping out of a weathered railing.  A rock home, winding paths, dogwoods turning red, and more. 

I went to the grocery store and found the prices higher than last week.  Wow, up, up, up.  Where will it end?  A lunch stop at Arby's netted a roast beef combo meal complete with curly fries and a drink.  Decided right there at the counter to get my lunch to go and I took it to the parking lot and munched while I read the last 100 pages of a book I had started.  It was a low maintenance day - and gave me the opportunity for a slow way home.   

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