Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lunch, Camera, Pictures

I had lunch today at a Japanese restaurant with a old friend from where I used to work.  She's still employed there and works diligently each day.  It was interesting having quit that treadmill 5 months ago today and know others continue to struggle to get everything done during their shift, short staffed. According to her, not much has changed and it was fun being with her again while giving her the chance to get out for a leisurely lunch.

She is a great photographer so I popped out my camera and asked her to check my settings.  After using it a few minutes, her opinion was that the settings I had chosen would have been the ones she chose.  So guess the focus is just set differently with this camera.  I plan to compose my shots more carefully for a few days to see if I can improve my focus.  Cameras are different so maybe I just need a bit more time with this one plus it's always mandatory that it be held steady.  She photographs weddings (how she finds time in her busy life is way beyond my comprehension) so felt she was a great one to consult on this issue. 

Sweetz and I drove to the church this afternoon to get our picture taken for the new photo directory.  Our photographer was Megan and she was fabulous.  Wow, of all the photographers I have ever worked with in the past, she is by far the best.  She was quick as lightning and captured some great shots.  Hey, why should I give her all the credit - what about the two fabulous "models" she had to work with?  She made several with us separately and they were so much better than I had expected, we ordered one of each of us.  We actually have so many pictures and don't really need others.  BUT she really was that good!   My plan is to frame our "couple" picture in the middle of the two "single" pictures.  Now that should increase the worth of our house by 100%!!  Yep, she was good to make two old geezers look so distinguished.

When we got home, I walked around the yard and snapped pictures just to practice a bit with the camera. 

Fall yard decorations

Fall Hydrangea

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