Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Little of Our Lot

We found our third fuzzy caterpillar roaming our lot today.  This guy has a wide brown stripe, not sure what kind of weather he is predicting for our winter.  Since I don't speak Caterpillar, we'll just have to wait to see. 
I wonder if this fuzzy little guy is predicting a bad winter
 Today I made a cover for one of my notebooks using black flowered fabric to coordinate with the black and white striped tote I made a couple of weeks ago.  The tote is embellished with painted grass, butterfly, and a ladybug.  Even painted a tiny version of it on the back.  This little notebook cover has a ribbon bookmark sewn into the top and sports a pin a friend of mine gave me. 

Ribbon bookmark in notebook cover

Notebook cover with pin on end of bookmark

A pink beauty which blooms in the fall

Sweetz with his new leaf rake
 Sweetz went to Lowes in search of a leaf rake today.  It seems this one is big enough, although he seems to think he'll be a prisoner of this rake.  Probably so.
One of our fragrant red roses

looks like she's ready to fly off

Our resident witch guards the patio

This tote is one of two I will donate to a local nursing center for their craft sale with the proceeds going to the residents.  Glad I can help.  And these two totes were responsible for awakening my creative juices to complete several personal projects.
Finished tote complete with a little pin on the pocket
 I went down to mom's yesterday because she was still having problems getting her land line phone to work.  I checked inside and outside.  Yep, even unscrewed the metal box housing all sorts of interesting wires and attachments.  Followed the line to the pole and nothing seemed disconnected or the root of her problem.  We called the phone company and they came out bright and early this morning.  Five minutes later, she had phone service.  Hope her service lasts this time.  If not...we'll call them again... until it's fixed.

We had a lovely sunny warm day, a perfect fall day with blue skies.  The only thing to mar our day was the 1,358 acorns that fell from our trees.  It's like a war zone standing under one of the oak trees.  As soon as the acorns are all down, we can begin to rake leaves.  Ahhh, but that's the lot of being homeowners with a lot of big trees on our lot.  Now, that's a lot of lots.

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