Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekends Are For Workers

I've noticed I don't care for weekends. Too many people around, going quickly hither and yon, in a hurry, impatient. The neighbors are off in their cars up and down the roads, coming and going. Did I do the same thing when I worked? I walked again today trying to get my body back in some sort of improved shape - and they passed me and barely noticed I was on the side of the road. A few waved. But I'm OLD and GRAY and obviously not worth the space I'm occupying. They are young and active and have a life - they have a mission! Well, I was their age once - which seemed like just a few short years ago! Did I treat the older folk that way?

My brother will be leaving tomorrow about 2pm on his way back to Northern VA. Talk about traffic, and impatience, and busyness. I'll keep our slow country area over that. Wow, never thought I'd say that. I used to love that area, the hustle and bustle, the activity, the stores, the seemingly endless opportunities. Now that I've been here for 30 years, the slowness of this area has grown on me. I'd still like to have a smaller house - or none at all and travel until wanderlust dwindles. With our present economy, few houses are on the market - guess no one wants to admit their For Sale sign is rusting in the front yard.

My mom, brother, Sweetz, and myself went out for supper. We went to a local BBQ restaurant which was delicious as usual. Then we went up the road to an ice cream shop and had dessert. Ummmm, yummmm, good. Neither one of these places were busy. Both were not even 1/3 full of customers. So where are the cars going? They are in a hurry to go somewhere. WallyWorld, maybe. Although when I go there, the number of customers seems greatly reduced from a year ago. I noticed some stores had closed - a drugstore here, a little shop there. No new businesses, no new buildings. Still, I noticed few homes for sale. I found that a bit puzzling. For sure, the Realtors are obviously feeling the pinch since they work on commission. Even small towns like ours are showing the result of the economy.

We'll go to church tomorrow, spend a bit of time with Wayne before he leaves and then settle back down to finish the weekend. We'll perk up next week when the commuters have headed out for jobs in the city. I'll walk around my neighborhood and probably won't even meet a car at all. Yep, Mondays might soon be my favorite day of the week.

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