Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Just a Name

Ahhh, I figured out a title for me. I'm not a retiree since I quit. And I quit earlier than retirement. Soooo, I decided I'm a "quitee". The name seems to fit just fine.

My migraine began to zip up it's stay so about 11am I felt good enough to tackle some out and about time. So, I ran a few errands and while out and about I met a friend and we chatted a long time and got caught up on the news. About 3pm I realized the migraine had gone. They usually last 3 days so it was time to see it's tail lights. And good riddance. Don't come back either. Wish I knew what caused those things and I'd bottle it and bury it in the backyard.

More good news: my first SS check has been deposited. After working for a variety of bosses during my years, some excellent and some on the other end of that scale, I feel I earned every penny. I don't get much, didn't earn much, don't deserve much. Ahhh, so now I'm enjoying this new phase. A few pennies in the bank and now I'm official. A stay-at-home quittee.

The weather is hot here but our AC is churning and I have all that I need. Happiness is just swelling under my brow. I chat on the phone with a friend and I get off the phone smiling. I read and I smile. I wake up late and I smile. I see the birds doing their bird thing and I smile. Ahhhh, life is good. I can't change some things about this cruel world but I'm going to make the best of what God has given me and thank Him for each and every blessing. That's what they are too. Blessings. I could sink down and complain about this and that or the other. Nope, don't feel like doing that. There are beautiful things around us every day, sunrises and sunsets that can stir a photographer's juices, family and friends to keep us content, neighbors to share a chat and a piece of cake. What a life. I'm blessed.

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