Thursday, June 3, 2010

Road Trip

I'm coming to terms with being unemployed. Not much money in the sugar dish, but we're doing ok. We're being resourceful with our pennies and have made it this first month just fine. There were years earlier in our marriage when we were raising 4 boys on one income, part of the time Sweetz was furthering his education and I worked as a secretary in a surgeon's office with low pay/no benefits. Most of the time Sweetz worked and I was a stay-at-home mom. Times were tough and now when we look back at those years, we wonder how we did it. Definitely had to keep our focus but we survived it. So, we've had experience in frugality and it has paid off now. Anyway, at our age we don't need much except for the necessities.

We are heading to PA tomorrow for a few days to enjoy a bus trip with a bunch of other "seniors". Haven't been with this particular group before but have traveled previously with three couples. We will see two plays while there: "Joseph" at the Millennium Theatre and "Big River - The Adventures of Huck Finn" at the Dutch Apple Theatre. And then there are the Amish buffet meals. Waaaay tooooo muuuuch fooooood at those, but hopefully I can continue to eat healthy. I've lost 5 pounds since I left work a month ago, so I don't want to put them back on. I have the luggage out and Sweetz already has most of his stuff packed. Not me, but I'll get it done just in the nick of time. I do have the camera ready - but that's my priority. Doubt I'll get good pictures on a bus trip, but at least I'll have it to remember a few things. Mom will come and feed the katz while we're away so that's taken care of.

Speaking of the katz, if we travel much, we face the decision of what to do with them. Our camper is small and we can't see the two of us sharing it with the two of them. Sweetz thinks we can head west after Christmas. Sure hope we know what we're doing. Many questions, many unknowns. Many challenges. Which includes what to do with our two katz...

My herbs are drying nicely and should be ready for packaging when I get back home. Cute labels would be a great touch. Did I mention my line dancing class last Tuesday? Really loved it and can't wait to go again. If I can continue...there's one glitch, but maybe that can be worked out. If not, there's a senior aerobic class at the community college which might be almost as good. Need to keep moving and get some more pounds off. Getting old aint for the faint of heart. I need to get busy now since my mom and I are scheduled to meet a friend for lunch. Hey, something on my social calendar! Think I can remember how to act in public?

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  1. You did a pretty good job with the manners at lunch, I was right proud of you. LOL. I knew you wouldn't have forgotten in a month. Hope the trip's everything you wish for. Looking forward to some photos, maybe even an occasional email.