Monday, June 21, 2010

Wandering and Pondering

Sweetz had a delivery today and asked me if I was interested in going along. Yahooo, a day off from...what? Retirement? I was his first mate/right hand man/ helper, whatever. I asked him what my commi$$ion would be. He chuckled. Hey, I helped didn't I? Oh well, he fed me all day and gave me an interesting day away from home. Afterward the delivery we wandered around Mt. Airy and we ate at Snappy's Lunch. That was soooooo disappointing. Gag. Their famous fried pork chop sandwich was awful and most of mine went in the trash. Our young waitress was awful and didn't deserve the tip we left. Thankfully another waitress saved the day when she took over our table and helped with drink refills, etc. After that bad experience, we checked out some of the shops along the main street and I snapped a few pictures of some of the shops made famous in the old Mayberry episodes.

Then we stopped in two RV repair shops to see if we could find things we needed for the camper and happened to see a used camper for sale that we liked. Talked to the owner awhile and ---- it's a possibility. It's a bit longer and newer than the one we have now. It's something to ponder. And ponder we shall.

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