Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quiet Saturday @ Home

Mom came for an early visit so I fixed us both breakfast. Tried to eat healthy: boiled egg, fresh fruit, whole wheat toast. It was delicious for sure.

Ahhh, it was a nice quiet Saturday. Stayed busy but it didn't seem that the neighborhood was as lively as usual. Maybe that's because I stayed inside most of the day trying to stay cool. Or maybe they stayed inside for the same reason. Our thermometer went up to 96 today. Wow, that's too hot for me. One more day of hot weather the weatherman says, then cooler for a few days, which will be well received in this household. This hot weather makes me dream of fall. Well, really would just like temps in the 80s for a change. And after these extreme temps, 80s will seem like fall has arrived!

Sweetz fixed lunch today: a sandwich, chips, a pickle, and iced tea with mint. Ahhh, what a hubby! Oh yeah, ooops, I forgot to mention the cake. He actually baked a cake. I can do without cake but I didn't. You know, didn't want to hurt his tender feelings by not eating it. Maybe he'll eat the rest of it to keep temptation away from me.

These flowers were picked this morning while the dew was still fresh on them. Just had to cut them to add a bit of flare to the dining table. As long as we have flowers, there will be plenty in the house. I also cut two rose buds which are in little bud vases. And we had a surprise today when we noticed the glads are showing some color. They will be in the house before long. Just can't get enough flowers - they liven the room and the mood at the same time.

Since Sweetz made lunch, I rewarded him with a hair cut. If I didn't, I believe the pastor might ask him to tie it in a ribbon tomorrow when we walk in the door. He has thick hair and it really becomes unruly when it gets too long. Today's cut is actually mostly a trim - you know the kind that doesn't actually look like a haircut, just neater. We both got hair all over us so into the shower we went. That felt good to get clean and grab fresh clothes.

I finished the book I was reading - was pretty good. Nice to get involved in a good book and tune out the world and its problems for a bit. I pick out several from the library every 3 weeks, so I have a couple more left unread. Not sure which one to start first. How do I choose which one is next? Go by the picture on the front? See if one title grabs me more than the other one? Guess it doesn't really matter. I have plenty of time. Plus, if I don't like either one - it's back to the library I go.

Time with hubby and mom, great meals, good books, peace of mind. Life is here for our enjoyment. I'll treasure today's blessings and look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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