Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy and Sad

It's been hot around here but the AC feels good inside. I try to get outside as often as I can but that heat is pretty tough to manage sometimes. Sweetz found the first two Japanese beetles near the roses yesterday. Bummer. They are such a nuisance and eat away at the blooms as well as the emerging buds. He trots out to the rose garden with his trusty jar filled about 1/3 with soapy water. He taps them and they drop like anchors into the water and can't get out. Now, if we can keep ahead of those things we just might have a rose bloom or two to enjoy. The adult stage only lasts about a month and they spend it in wild abandon eating and ...ah hem...doing the wild thing.

Sweetz cut our second magnolia bloom and I tried to get some decent shots of it but never could get the lighting right. Oh well, it is a gorgeous flower that is nearly a perfect 10. And the smell - quite a heavenly fragrance somewhat similar to a lemony scent. It's in the dining area now --- ahhhh, what a smell.

We ate dinner with our son Brian and his family last night in honor of Father's Day. We had a great time chatting around the table and enjoying our two grandsons. They had alot of fun playing with some "quiet" toys while we talked. Here's a picture of them playing Tic Tac Toe. They also colored Father's Day pictures for their dad. They had been to the pool most of the morning so were nearly tuckered out and it wasn't long after they ate that they were having trouble keeping their eyes open. It was too late when I thought about a 3 generation picture. Oh well, hopefully I will remember the next time. Nolan is sporting a tie and a watch so he can be just like his dad. How adorable.

We received an email last night from another son to tell us he leaves today for a year in Afghanistan. That will be a tough year for both him as he is away from home serving our country and also his wife and 3 kids who will remain in Texas. We will hang our small yellow ribbon banner and also will buy a large yellow ribbon for the tree in the front yard. And pray each day for his safe return.

Just heard that one of my neighbors was taken to Hospice House after an extended struggle with emphysema. Her husband has done an awesome job taking care of her at home as long as he could. She is not doing well and the family has requested no visitors at this time so they can maintain her privacy.

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