Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back Home

Even as much as we enjoy occasional bus trips, it's always nice to get back home. We had a great trip to Lancaster PA and surrounding towns. One of those was Intercourse PA which is a hoot to the natives who sell everything with the name of the town on it. Like: "Virginia is for Lovers, but Pennsylvania is for Intercourse".

We had nice accommodations and all the buffets were delicious and varied. It's very easy to over-eat - but I worked the carbs and calories plus fat grams into great meals. Came home with nary an extra ounce showing up on the bathroom scales. The trip included a night at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre, complete with delicious dinner and "Huck Finn" play. Both were outstanding. Another night we saw "Joseph" which was also outstanding. Tours of Amish countryside, plus some demonstrations of the Amish lifestyle, their handwork, and their cooking, shopping, etc. made for a nice visit to this area of our country. All-in-all, it was a memorable trip.

I was going to line dancing this morning but my internet was down from yesterday evening and never returned. So, I spent my precious morning hours on the phone with John the Cable Guy. He was young sounding but patient with me as I did his bidding: unplug this, turn that off, click on another, delete thisamagig, enter whatchamacallit. Presto, internet back on - problem is the wireless modem. So, I'm hooked up directly with internet cable and am confined to my short leash. No problem, I am happy to be connected once again. How impatient I am when my internet access is down! I've snipped and dried and packaged my first harvest of dried herbs. Nice but now my hands smell strongly of rosemary, oregano, and thyme. I won't have to add any herbs to my supper. Only a dip of my hands into the pots should do the trick.

My brother is here for a week's visit. He will be retiring in August so is practicing this new lifestyle. He and the little woman live in northern VA and tend to get crowd overload and he loves to come to the country to unwind and find some peace.

I'll tack on some photos (some from the bus windows) of our Amish country bus trip.

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