Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot As Blazes

I had just arrived at my line dancing class today when I got a call from my mom saying she was feeling funny, dizzy, nauseated, and fainty. Knowing I needed to check on her, I told a friend of the situation and headed out to check on my mom. I stayed with her until about 6pm when I was convinced she was doing ok. I actually think it was dehydration and being overheated. She was sitting outside when I arrived. We went inside and she felt better in about an hour after drinking some fluids and cooling off. About 1pm she said she was hungry so we drove into town to get something to eat. Today is the last day of school and as we were eating several students apparently came in to "celebrate". But out they went after the last bite was consumed. They have sooooo much to do and must rush, rush, rush. Guess I was the same way at that age.

My high school class reunion is coming up in October. Naaah, I will NOT be attending. I didn't like my high school, nor the town, nor the state. I get several emails every week wanting me to register. Then today I get a printed reunion registration in the mail. I've previously emailed weeks ago stating I would not be attending. How many opportunities do they think are required to convince me to retract my negative RSVP? I did have a bit of fun and found the high school website and checked out some of this year's activities, messages, menu, sports, valedictorian/salutatorian. Our reunion notice was on it too and of course...another opportunity to register.

It was hotter than blazes here today. Not sure if I could stand to be any farther south than I already am. If I didn't know better, I could swear I was close to the sun. That's hotter than blazes. The afternoon the sky darkened, thunder began to rumble, and then we had some rain. It was noisy with the lightning striking closer than I like, but eventually moved off. We could use the rain, but it was the noise and light show that makes it less enjoyable.

Yesterday morning about 8:30 I saw a tiny darling fawn complete with spots walking through our backyard. Very very cute. It moved around like it was looking for the rest of the family. Today while I was at mom's, Dear Hubby said he went to the mailbox about 3pm and out in the middle of the road was this little fawn. Broad daylight. He said it made some warning noises at him several times. Then eventually bounded off into a neighbors wooded lawn. At this point I think the little one has been separated from his mother. Wonder why they don't come back to find him? If something has happened to the mother, then it would be nice if the aunts and other females would adopt this little orphan.

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