Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Things Can Be Worse

My lands, it's snowing again!! It started about 1pm or so but since I was in a meeting until about 3:30, I didn't get to see much of it except out windows aimed at another wing of our building. Seemed innocent enough, a few flakes drifting down between the two wings. Things can be worse than a few flakes I'm thinking.

My car was piled with snow when I left for the day. Not complaining, I really don't mind cleaning the car, but it was parked in a low spot and since it had rained half the day, it was sitting in a huge 2 inch lake. It's great walking around cleaning the car with cold soaked shoes. Still things can get worse, so I managed ok. Then down the road I pass two cars which had both obviously lost control and ended up in the middle of the road. The HP were keeping the traffic moving via one lane so hey, things can get alot worse. No camera with me today so I don't have a picture of that part of my exciting day. Yeah, yeah, there's a camera on my phone, but when taking pictures, I want the feel of the Nikon in my hand. But do I want to feel the road slipping beneath my wheels while I get a great shot? See, things can get worse I keep telling myself.

I get home and the katz are lazily snoozing and barely even notice I've returned. Had to get a picture of Holly snoozing by the back door with the snow falling outside behind her. Yeah, things can get alot worse. I'm happy...I'm home. I'll worry about the morning commute in the morning. No global warming here.

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