Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's nice

Today started out nice. Nice night's sleep, nice relaxing Saturday morning, nice chat with mom, nice sunrise, nice springy looking day. Mom said she'd go with me to run some errands so off we went. First stop was breakfast at a local diner. I seldom eat breakfast out, but I ended up ordering chicken salad, peas, and slaw because it sounded much healthier than greasy bacon and eggs. I'm still working on eating healthier and reducing my fat and cholesterol. My blood tests will be the end of the month, so have a goal. I don't always eat as well as I should but Rome wasn't built in a day. And neither will my healthier eating habits change in a day. Little steps will be ok.

While driving around the county this morning, I saw these cows munching grass and hay. They looked so contented and at peace. The moms had their calves around Christmas so the little ones aren't so little anymore. And the grass is turning green in a few spots. I didn't notice any green on the trees or bushes on our drive today but I'll look every day on my drives to work and back. Won't be long now. Spring officially begins the 20th and tonight is the time change. I never did like DST, sure messes up my internal clock and it takes a couple of weeks to come to terms with it. But no one asked my opinion. I've decided life is good if you concentrate on the nice things.

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