Monday, March 29, 2010

Hand Me One More Candle

It's birthday time again. We all have to pass this milestone once annually. It's great when we're young, but at this age! Well, I'm still under full retirement age but that doesn't keep me from feeling...well...mature. During those early one-digit years or even into the teens, there was little fat on my body. Walked two miles to school every day, played outside until dark every night. Rode a bike, played on a volleyball team, even was in the marching band with practices most afternoons after school and then the 2-mile walk home. Seemed I didn't mind it. But now? Well, one flight of stairs is daunting, but I do it anyway. I really do need to lose some weight. I guess I can't have anymore birthday cake...tonight...

Sweets bought me an HP all in one Photosmart that when correctly installed and uninstalled and then installed two more times is guaranteed to work properly. It would print nicely from my computer. Why, it would even copy. But the scan --- oh nooooo, it didn't want to help me there. A system error flashed across it's little digital screen. I tried every solution I could think of to no avail. After a check with HP, they sent me a email "fix" which was loaded and unloaded and installed and then ...., don't get your hopes failed to correct the problem too. Those little techies make it sound like it's not their company's fault, "each computer is different"...uh huh, right. I may be older than dirt, but I didn't fall off the cabbage wagon yesterday. The shiny new contraption with all it's touch screen modern look, is still made in CHINA. Our country needs to quit this practice and get our jobs back in US where people are wanting employment. Surely a citizen of US would take better pride in his work. Oh, but the CD was probably not "written" in China. Ooops, so maybe I'm saying this technie sitting in his cubicle didn't program everything correctly. He sounded American even through his braces. So, Sweetz will haul it back and demand a replacement. Knowing my Sweetz, he will ask politely and won't get riled unless a young squirt at the Returns Desk gets more spirited than he will appreciate. Oh, but they are usually nice. I will remain optimistic.

Ouch, nearly got burnt with all those candles. Maybe when we get to ripe old age, we can start subtracting years if for no other reason than it's safer to keep us away from flames. Actually I had no candles but that's ok, probably the grocery store didn't have enough boxes. How many candles do they pack in one of those little square boxes anyway? However many, it probably wasn't enough to do the job sufficiently.

My car has more computerized things than I'd like. Anywho, there's a light that comes on automatically - and stays on - when it thinks I need an oil change. So Sweetz changed the oil and the light stayed on. So, he takes off for the owner's manual...yep, he found it...that's a reminder light to change the oil, but it has to be turned off manually. He was grinning when he came back in. Doesn't take much to satisfy a guy who enjoys tinkering with stuff.

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