Monday, March 15, 2010

How long will I trade?

It's a new work week and it started with a bang. I wonder how many people feel as I do, that the job isn't as fun as it used to be. It's harder to feel intrigued with projects while the younger staff don't seem to work well with the "old" policies and want everything modified to please them and their lifestyle. Oh well, I have a bit longer to experience the "joys" of working but definitely have the hitch itch to see other places before I have to hang up my Reeboks after the final walk on this earth.

A friend had surgery today and she did well. Hope her recovery progresses smoothly. Many are without jobs and the future doesn't seem as rosy to them as they struggle to maintain a life without employment. Perhaps soon I can turn over my office keys to one willing to work endlessly under pressure for the corporation's pre-determined cold pay scale. Ahhhh, the joys of work. I say I'm trading my freedom for a bit of cash. But will the government tax my hard-earned dimes so I have little for the future? Sounds like they want to control my entire life from cradle to grave. And not sure where all this money will come from to pay for their promises. Oh well, for now I live in my little world and pray God keeps us all safe in His care.

While driving around this past weekend I saw this little white country church with the cross and purple cloth. I thought this scene was a beautiful reminder that Easter is nearing. Last night I made a batch of reversible green coasters. I tucked one in each of the St. Patrick's Day cards I mailed to the two Gsons today. I kept two for Sweetz and myself, then one will be given to mom and one was given to a good friend at work today. Ahhhh, now that was a rewarding evening - just me and my sewing machine.

I came home from work today exhausted and sleepy, so rewarded myself tonight with a nice nap. Ahhhhh, and it felt soooooo gooooood. Hope it doesn't keep me from having a good night's sleep tonight. In the meantime I have many blogs to read.

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