Saturday, March 20, 2010

A quiet Saturday

It was a beautiful day here in our area. Lovely sun and a few daffodils blooming around the yard. I drove to a nearby city and enjoyed being alone for the day. Sometimes it's the answer to stress and a heavy heart. There are things that happen around us that we don't understand and have no control of but keeps us from enjoying our inner happiness.

I had a quick lunch at a quiet restaurant and also did a bit of window shopping. I needed to buy a birthday gift, so found something appropriate at Pier 1. Hope she likes it. Then I browsed a long time in Barnes and Noble. Wow, what a place to lose yourself and all your problems. I even found people to talk to - and lots of books to look at. I bought one by Nicholas Sparks for myself for our next camping trip since I like to have a good one on hand in case there is time for reading. Went in a "outdoor adventure store" forgot the name of it - but they had fishing supplies, clothing, camping gear, tents, backpacks, kayaks, clothing, etc. It was a fun place to look but I didn't see anything we needed for our camper.

There was a little museum which I enjoyed and then some gardens. It's a bit early for flowers but there were daffodils and pansies blooming. I met my DIL and her mother and my grandson there at the gardens. We enjoyed the gardens and it was nice to see them again and to share our time. The trees aren't ready to come out yet, although there were one or two. I did see some flowers on several bushes. When I came home Sweetz showed me our bush and there on the lower limbs, way in the back - were three buds and two flowers. He cut the biggest one and it's here on the table, real pretty. But not as pretty as the one I saw in the gardens today, but I won't tell him. Some things are best left unsaid.

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