Sunday, February 28, 2010

Will Winter Ever End?

Those are jonquils popping up through the oak leaves. I can hardly wait to see the yellow blooms. And tomorrow is MARCH. Ahhhh, surely there's hope for an earlier spring than the weatherman predicts. And the time change will occur in March too. Those bi-annual time swings always ruin my brain which has to be reset too. Takes several days even with planning and a nap.

I'm ever so tired of winter - such a bummer of a season. We have a few teensy piles of snow left in the yard, mostly where snow was piled when shoveling. There is more on the hills on the north side but surely that will melt. Surely. Pla-eaze. We are to have a few days of "warmer" weather, then Tue and Wed could bring more of the nasty stuff.

The weekend was nice, even squeezed in two naps this weekend. That's unusual but I was worn down from last week. Working past about age 50 begins to take a toll on the body and mind. It slips in on you like a fog moving through a mountain. You ignore it, hoping it's just your imagination. But then by 60, you know you're on borrowed time. Just don't want the boss to figure it out so you have pretend and work harder than the others just to attempt to cover it. I actually think I'm doing pretty well in the actress department. Notes and lists on the desk are perfectly acceptable. Helps to make me look efficient, but no one has to know that sometimes those lists rekindle the brain to stay on course. Just for 8 hours though. Then it's time to grab the coat and the keys and regain your personal life and what's really important.

Those people in Chile, they don't have a normal life right now. More than 700 have lost their lives in the earthquake. I can't even imagine how the survivors must feel - and there's no pretending there. And a list won't help. Their jobs, their markets, their homes, their places of worship are in desolation. Those 700 have families who are now ripped apart. Our country has its problems too, but we are alive and our difficulties pale in comparison to the wrenching needs of the people devastated in this one snippet of time. We should be thankful. And I am.

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