Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad, good, better

Ahhh, I saw the nurse today about my lab results. Everything was ok, except for a couple of results which were just a few points out the range. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there was the necessary slapping of wrists to tell me to eat healthier and lose weight and begin an exercise program. All of this I know. Will I do it? Well, I know I should. I ate a brownie a bit ago. Bad bad girl. I know I should have left it alone but saw Sweetz getting one and I lost my willpower. In one flash. And in that same length of time I had eaten it. Bad bad girl. When will I be able to resist? Ok, I'll try harder tomorrow.

I had lunch with my mom today. She's doing so well for her age - 88. She wants to go out to eat with us this Friday night. So, Sweetz and I will go with her to a nice restaurant way out in the country. Excellent food. The chefs have even won some coveted cooking awards. Food like I love to eat. Made from scratch. Like fish baked with lemon and herbs in parchment paper. Oh, oh, oh, talk about moist and excellent! I can eat healthy there. I think...maybe? But their desserts are to die for. I mean it, they are awesome. Well, everything served there is top notch. Wonder if they will let me take pictures? I can ask. It's in an old plantation home and one of the owners enjoys walking around and greeting all the guests like family in his bib overalls while delighting everyone with his wonderful stories of the place being haunted.

Our son called after lunch to say he got a call to return for yet a 3rd interview - this time with the CFO. He's excited and I'm proud. Hope he gets the job. We plan to celebrate when he gets an offer. He knows the pay will be less than he was making in his previous job but these days it's almost a necessity to accept le$$ in order to get a job. He said he's willing to work his way up again. Smart boy. Like his parents I'd say!

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