Thursday, March 4, 2010

Right Choices

We've been visiting two different churches for the past few months. Pastor Tom from Church A paid us a visit tonight. He's a nice likable guy and believes as we do. It's the smaller of the two, settled, lacks the amenities of a larger church but its size makes it easier to get to know all the members. The choir is tiny, Sunday School classes are also small but one in particular we visited has a great teacher named John. They have a good cross section of ages plus a seniors group that likes to go on day trips. We'll continue to visit both A and B and then one day hopefully we will know which one is Church R - that'll be Church Right.

Since I'm trying to eat healthier, it was really difficult to not eat the brownies I made tonight for the pastor's visit. They are undoubtedly my favorite dessert in all the whole wide world. I put the remainder in a storage container but only nibbled at a bit of crumbs left in the bottom. Whooooweee, hope I can keep up eating healthier fare from now on. It's what's right for me and I know it.

My workplace has begun to track some of our annual health checkup results which may increase my health insurance premiums if I don't keep them in line. Now, THAT'$ an incentive! Need to drop a few total cholesterol points and have been told by some nurse friends of mine to eat oatmeal for breakfast, limit red meat, no shrimp, lots of fruits and veggies, low-fat milk, etc. Well, I started about a week ago and it's going ok. I know in my head what to do, but it's easier said than done.

Sweetz has been very supportive and since he prepares supper for me during the week, he's been preparing things that I can eat. He also does the grocery shopping. Today he called me before I left work and asked me to stop on my way home and pick up a few things he had forgotten. Sure, I said. Wellll, told him when I got home that since it had been YEARS since I'd done much grocery shopping, it was quite an eye opener to see the price increa$es. Saw some families there wheeling shopping carts along the aisles and felt for them having to feed all those hungry little mouths in this economy. Been there, done that, bought the tee shirt. I wish them well and hope we all choose healthy. It's the Right Choice.

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