Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is that Spring I feel?

Yep, time flies these days. Of course, that doesn't involve the working hours which seem to crawl across my brain ever so slowly. At least it's Thursday night and there is hope that I can survive another week. Tomorrow is Certified Nurses Day across USA. I've been busy trying to make the day extra special at our facility.

I'm a bit worried about this healthcare plan that is such a contentious deal in Congress. I keep thinking that if it is so wonderful, then why won't it be accepted. Too many questions and one that really bothers me is how are we to pay for it. Heard today that the state of New York will withhold income tax refunds because of their limited revenue. How can our nation take on yet another HUGE deal such as healthcare at this time? The country needs to get the unemployment under control. If people had jobs, then we would have revenue coming into state coffers. Seems we need to slow down this rush to get healthcare approved and deal with some of the more pressing matters. We have Medicaid, Medicare, and various other government programs for the uninsured. They get healthcare anyway even without insurance. Just poke your head in any emergency room; it's filled with the uninsured. Well, I will be watching the news to see how all this drama plays out.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the extra hour of daylight, not so much in the morning though. But it will lengthen too so I will try to be patient.
My oxalis (shamrock plant) is going to sleep as I sit here watching it near my laptop. It jerks as the leaves close up and keeps surprising me out of the corner of my eye. Then in the morning as the sun comes up, it will reverse that process and open. I went outside a bit ago and picked a few daffodils to brighten the table. They are so perky and are the epitome of spring in our area.

We saw another kat this week that might want to be adopted which takes a walk through our yard. One of our two present katz began it's life here as a stray. Plus we've adopted many in our 35 years here. Didn't see the little stray today so surely it found it's way home safely. We are making plans for retirement and more katz don't fit. Also, we both feel we have done our share of stray adoptions over our 42 years of marriage. And how many countless ones have we paid to be "fixed". That's ok, it was our gift to society to keep the population under control.

I ordered 3 sets of Christmas prints which arrived yesterday. I took mom's set to her last night. She was so excited - kept looking at them over and over and over again. It was worth every penny. The 3rd set is for my brother/wife which I need to mail. Wish I could see their faces when they get them. He's a Duke fan and has been quite excited with March Madness this year. Gave him several little Duke items in his Christmas stocking. Where was my camera when he opened them? Duh, I missed those shots.

We bought a TV converter box last week to use with our TV while camping. Sweetz and I decided to connect it tonight to make sure everything works. Wow, 28 channels and clear as a bell. That will be very nice to use when we're at a campground which doesn't offer cable.

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