Sunday, March 7, 2010


The weekend's about over, but it's been a good one, pleasant all around. Saturday, Sweetz washed the tiller and new spark plugs inserted, all the belts and gears and so forth were checked. It was oiled and gassed. Looks right at home in the garden. Vrooom.... Sweetz tilled part of the garden and the soil looks good for this part of clay country. Sweetz puts all kinds of organic enrichment in the soil but a load of some rich stinky stuff would be even better. But...we are without a truck so that will not happen. The ornamental copper frog sat perfectly still and watched all the activity in the garden. There should be some great bug picking as the weather warms.

Sweetz planted my snow peas so they should be popping up soon and will be delicious if we can keep those pesky deer out of them. Talked to son and he's coming over tomorrow with a load of that smelly bovine end product for our garden!! So much for needing a truck. Vrooom... We certainly are proud of him and how thoughtful and mature he is. He's out of work at the present time but had two interviews last week which he said went well. Hopefully, soon he can be back in his truck heading down the road to a new job. Vrooom...

Mom came over Saturday and we headed out to a nearby town to get all that salty mess washed off my car. The temps go down to freezing every night so didn't want to use our hose. Sometimes we have rain which washes the salt off, but not this time. Soooo, Vrooom..Vroommm...

Sweetz wanted to finish getting all the info together this afternoon for the tax man. Not our favorite time of the year but at least anticipating retirement and the slow down that will occur, hopefully soon there will be less need of this annual record gathering. The shredder was useful today. In went the papers and out came our financial lives reduced to thin little strips. Vrooom...vrooom...vroooom

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