Monday, August 9, 2010

For Better...or Worse

Well, I signed onto Facebook tonight.  Been resisting it for quite awhile but guess it's time to get  Connected.  Who knows where all this info goes... Up and down Cyber Road I guess.  Had some chats and a few comments on my wall to answer right away.  What a hoot, guess it will get better but navigating the FB highway and people wanting to chat all at the same time kept me busy until I became more familiar with it.  I'm off now.  Took a detour to read some of my favorite blogs.  I like the traveling RV blogs best since I like to to see what the people are doing, where they are camping, looking at their attached pictures. I feel I know some of these people but they don't know I'm reading them since I seldom make comments.

Mom and I went out for a few hours today - and grabbed lunch at a soul-food restaurant.  It was good although richer and sweeter than I like.  Not a fan of sweet or buttery veggies, but occasionally I will eat there for a different dining experience.  I gave mom the option of there or a new Greek restaurant.  Umm, maybe I should have given her more options!

We went in the Tractor Supply store.  They had nearly EVERYTHING imaginable.  I bought a can of rust resistant spray paint for a project and worked on it after I got home.  Now, why didn't I take a picture of it before, during, and after?  Not sure, brain lapse I suppose.  Perfection doesn't come easy.  Anyway, it wasn't all that entertaining anyway.  Although we now have black grass in my work area.

Sweetz put the upper bunk board and mattress back in the RV today.  That's what I have been painting.  All ready and dry.  Looks ok.  The sheets are on and we plan to spend a night in the camper in our driveway when it's not as hot.  This will be a shakedown session to see if we can manage two on a queen with the added fun of a ladder.  Oh well, there's always the sofa as a backup.  I was reading two new blogs last week where both families remodeled/redecorated their RV.  Both painted the walls; made new curtains, slipcover for the sofa; used coordinating sheets, dishes, wall decor, towels, etc.  Both also ripped out the carpeting and installed bamboo laminate.  That sounds awesome to me. Loved the pictures they posted. Yep, I mentioned this all to Sweetz.  He just looked at me...Well, at least I planted a seed.  He's not one for spontaneity.  HA, that's a laugh.  He's like someone cemented down with huge bolts for added stability.  Tornadoes can barely move that man.  But he met his challenge when we married for better or worse.  I can be his worst nightmare sometimes.  Ha, but he loves me.  Right?  Well, he stays, and smiles most of the day.  I must be doing something right...

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