Saturday, August 21, 2010

My goodness!

Time sure does rush by when you're having fun.  Or maybe that's because I've been busier this week too.  We had lots of rain and the garden nearly flooded.  Talk about muddy and depressing!  But the sun came out again after several days of rain so we salvaged about half of the garden.  Most things were on the way out anyway and the extra water finished them off.  Gone are the squash and cuke plants, but we had a generous amount to eat this season and were they ever good!  I have a few squash and cukes in the veggie bin of the fridge but when those are gone, I'll have to buy produce again.  Ugh, will hate to part with my money for veggies that don't come up to Sweetz' garden fresh produce standards.

One night this week one of our town's seafood restaurants burned.  I drove through the parking lot today and checked out the building.  No pictures since I didn't have my camera.  I see no hope of that building being salvaged so they will have to rebuild.  That's where we meet some other couples for lunch after Sunday morning services.  No one has suggested where we should meet tomorrow.  I think they are all in denial. 

Dam view through the railing.  Sweetz was driving and he sees little need to slow down for any photographs!  The water is real muddy and the water was pouring over that dam.

Another view of that same dam

I picked parsley today and basil.  I stuck some of the sprigs of basil in water to root.  They root very easily and quickly.  I'm thinking it will be wonderful to have fresh basil after the frost kills the plants outside and hope I can keep these growing inside.  In the back is a jar of local honey.  Yum, yum, that will also be tasty on some hot biscuits one morning. I remember how to make biscuits??  It's been awhile.  And, of course, there are a few peaches in the front.  Thought I'd make another peach cobbler for Sweetz and me.  Another yum, yum. 

This jar of honey is very light golden color, although this picture doesn't do it justice.  Maybe if I took the picture in the sun, the color would be true.  But in the meantime it's dark outside so I'll have to make do with this picture. 

This is my basil pesto.  I watched a video online today which showed how to make it.  The internet is quite a learning tool!  One video suggested freezing a batch on waxed paper.  After it's totally frozen, I'll score and cut in squares then place them in a zip lock baggie back in the freezer.  That way I can use a square at a time over the winter.  Some people use this pesto with cooked pasta, or added to cream cheese to spread on crackers, but I plan to use most of mine to add to spaghetti sauce, meatloaves, and soup.  There's nothing quite like the taste of fresh basil in Italian dishes.  Yum, yum once more! 

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