Friday, August 13, 2010

Dragon Mouth

Another shop, shop day.  Went with mom on Thursday and then today with a friend.  Sure was nice to get out of the house.  I don't need anything but being out and about with no strings attached is wonderful.  It was hot both days but staying in the stores is a fine way to avoid the heat outside.  I bought a couple of little things both days, since at this stage in my life, buying things just to buy things offers no  pleasure.   

One place we went today was to a large consignment store and there were items for sale that I already OWN, or mom has, or I used to have and gave away!  There must be a name for this stage in life.  The sad thing is that the items are given little value in this day.  The old generation's decor is out and the new generation has little interest in old things. I wouldn't want much of it either - but these things were of good quality.  There were customers lined up at the registers buying so I'm thrilled some people liked and had a use for them! Of course, there were some interesting things and I bought a cell charging station.  It's made of wood where the ones at the big box stores are covered cardboard.  I already have it set up on the counter with our cell phones hooked up.

Sweetz suggested that the charger station would be great for our west trip.  I was also thinking it will help declutter our little camper counter.  There's a little tray on the charger station where we can put change, keys, etc. so that's a bonus.  In addition to the cell phones, we can charge my camera and also the GPS there.  Hoorah for neat-nik items.  Am thinking I will use a small lightweight basket on the counter to organize our "stuff" while on our trip.  We also have a "junk" drawer which needs to be organized since it has ended up being a catch-all site.  Isn't it strange how there always seems to be a junk drawer wherever you live! I'm still waiting for lower temps before I tackle cleaning the interior of the camper.  Acorns are beginning to fall in our yard, so autumn is coming and will be here before we know it. 

My brother retired last week and he's enjoying himself - working on some projects like cleaning and organizing his garage.  He has a Mustang he has been restoring so now he says he will be working more on that and other waiting projects.  And I must not forget golfing.  He won't tell me how many games he's played but I wouldn't be surprised if it's nearly every day.  That guy LOVES to play golf about as much as he loves Duke.  He and my SIL are in the Raleigh area to help babysit their two grands with their son so little mom can attend an out-of-state wedding.  Hopefully they will take lots of pictures and he'll email me a few. 

My shopping buddy and I ate lunch at Macaroni Grill today and I couldn't eat all my serving of pasta, so brought about half home.  I nuked the remainder and had it for supper and then a serving of frozen yogurt to extinguish the flame in my mouth.  Obviously my lunch choice was way over my highest "hot" setting but fortunately my mouth has quit flaming.  I felt like a dragon for awhile - probably could have broiled a steak with the heat from my mouth. 

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