Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friends and Neighbors

Today was nice - and cooler too.  The day started with a light rain but eventually the front moved out and it was a nice day.  It seemed like a good day to get a few errands out of the way so after a shower I headed out to cross some things off my list.  While out and about, my Sweetie called to say he was in town too and we decided to meet for lunch.  Nothing fancy - just KFC - for something different.  Haven't been there in YEARS.  They now offer grilled chicken so I decided to get the 2 piece meal with 2 sides and I got my chicken grilled.  Wow, it was good.  In fact everything on the plate was delicious.  Sure, I'd go again.

After lunch, I decided to visit an old friend who is confined to the house because of some family issues and she was just delighted to have me visit for some adult conversation.  I took her a couple of pumpkins from our garden to decorate her porch.  She was so appreciative and wants me to come again for a visit.  We go waaaay back and I think she's just the sweetest person.  Even under great strain, she can still smile.  I left feeling so much better than when I arrived. 

It was later than usual when I got my walk in today.  On the way back home, I stopped to talk to one of my neighbors.  He's doing ok, but his wife has had a relapse in her cancer and is again undergoing another round of chemotherapy.  She's having a hard time with it.  Wow, but she's a trooper.  I offered to help however I could and hope they call if  I can be of help. 

It was a good day to slow down and enjoy people who have touched my life. 

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