Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wind Wishes

Last night Sweetz suggested we sleep in the RV to verify the loft as a viable sleeping choice.  We bought a new mattress this summer and we surprisingly found it quite comfy.  The cars driving up and down the road was just enough to keep me from falling asleep easily, but eventually I dropped into Dreamland USA for nearly 8 hrs.  Of course, there were moments during the night when I realized I wasn't in my bed but I'd go back to sleep.  It was a cool night so we had a few windows open and it was quite pleasant.  We decided the loft, or maybe we should call it the upstairs bedroom, will be doable so I threw out the idea of taking the rolling wheels out for a few days.  The school kiddies are back in class so family vacations should be over for the season.  Now, it's time for the oldies to head out for some fun.  Oh, but guess our trip will be after Labor Day, mustn't forget that normally busy weekend.  We can go around those days though.  Not sure what we'll do since Sweetz is a slow decider in such things.  Gotta have everything figured out and settled in his mind before he will go to the next step.  Wonder why I didn't figure that out many years ago.  It would have made life with him so much easier.   I'm impulsive and he's...well, how WOULD I describe that trait?  Premeditative perhaps?  Anyway, I plant idea seeds and water them and fertilize them...and sometimes they sprout into his very own ideas!  He's a hoot if I can be patient and wait for the sprouting to occur.  Oh, but can't tell him.  No, he doesn't read this blog and actually will wait for me to tell him what I wrote.  hehe  He and computers don't merge - but he's ok with me being on it.  Whew.

We had two itsy bitsy sprinkles today - just enough to wet the ground, with cloudy skies most of the day.  The temps were ever so pleasant today.  Like a teaser of fall weather.  We have several LARGE oak trees around the house.  One is particularly blessed with acorns.  Thankfully, it's our only oak which seems to have a massive crop this year.  They pop off the tree all day and all night.  Sweetz said it would be over sometime in September although I'm not sure I will survive this acorn pop dance.  I sweep the porch several times a day which fills 2 gallon containers from just a portion of the porched acorns each day. The other acorns are hiding in and around the pots, containers, grill, shoes, etc.  I must do a quick sweep because if I linger, I'll get knocked on the head several times.  One day I may be knocked out with a concussion from one of those acorns. The bulk of them pop into the yard so mowing the grass might be a challenge. Oh, and yes, they are getting bigger each week.  At this point a nice windy day would be looked upon as a blessing - perhaps the bulk of them would fall which could reduce my sweeping days.  One can only hope. 

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