Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day Out with Hubby

Yesterday, I went to mom to her church to a ladies' lunch.  There were two musical groups who provided the entertainment, and the lunch was delicious.  Since I've gone to her church quite a few times over the years, there were people I knew and it was good to see them again. Now, I'll invite her to attend something at my church, even though I'm fairly new and don't know many of the people.   

When Sweetz asked if I was interested in going with him on a few errands this morning, I quickly said "Sure"!!  It's nice to get out and about for most any reason.  I walked my 2 miles this morning and came home my usual soaked with sweat self.  After a shower and shampoo, I slipped on dry clothes, dried my hair, and off we went.  While he was busy doing his stuff, I sat in the car and watched people hurrying here and there, in and out buildings and offices. 

Hurrying, scurrying, rushing.  I enjoyed watching the show unfold all around me.  I had my years of that fast pace and now it's pleasant to sit and enjoy the show.  There were pretty houses, some which must be in the historic district.  Then a sad scene when I saw a huge landmark of old textile mills being torn down.  The end of a era for America.  I'd prefer to buy merchandise made in America again.

On the way home, the sky got really dark and before we could get home, it was literally raining katz and dogz.  Could barely see a foot in front of the car.  Even the wipers on "clean the windshield fast, baby" was insufficient.  We could use the rain, but it was a whum-dinger to all happen in one hour.  Lightning, wind, thunder, and rain.  I need to look at the rain gauge to see how much we got.  Are those home gauges accurate?  Well, a close is better than a guess.  Just looked - yep, hanging on to a flashlight while traipsing down the stairs in the dark to the flower bed to check it. Perhaps it needs to be moved closer to the door.  Well, looks like we got about 2.5 inches of rain.  Now, that was a lot of rain in an hour!  It's still dripping off the trees, and the humidity is 91%, but at least the temperature is 76.  Ahhh, but the AC is keeping me cool and dry inside.  Gotta love a good roof especially on occasions like this.  Thank you, Lord for all your blessings.  And now the tomatoes will grow even BIGGER.

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