Friday, February 19, 2010

Is That Yellow I See?

I cut and brought in some forsythia branches a week ago and put them in a pottery pitcher. Guess what? They have begun to burst forth with yellow flowers! YESSSS, spring is just around the corner. Or that's what I'm trying to convince myself. This has been a long winter with long dark evenings. Oh, there's TV but that doesn't interest me much anymore. I want to be outdoors enjoying the fresh scents of the season. And fresh sprouts. And new shoots and blooms. Fluffy white clouds in a sea of blue sky.

Our son came to visit today while I was at work. Ummm, wonder what Sweetz and Son talk about all day while I'm slaving away? I ask him but he's evasive and responds in generalities. That doesn't give me much to go on. Oh well, maybe he'll feel more like sharing tomorrow. He did tell me that one of the katz hid in the heater today when our son came to the door. Last week when Larry the Cable Guy came to put in a new computer modem, Holly scooted downstairs when the doorbell rang. I didn't see a whisker of that kat until Larry TCG had to be miles away, although the other one remained curled on the sofa and barely twitched an ear. Not sure when Holly developed this huge fear of visitors. Neither one likes strangers but usually just cautiously watch from their napping spots.

It's supposed to be warmer this weekend and I'll be glad to see the snow melting and will even appreciate the resulting soggy soil. Just take this dirty snow away. Give me a promise of spring. Maybe tomorrow I can get away for some photography time. Maybe there will be something worth sharing in a future blog. If not, that will be ok too. A Nikon at the eye is worth a million bucks. A peaceful way to calm and refresh the spirit. It's been a long, hard, stressful week. A weekend of peace sounds like just what I need.

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