Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Patience Is A Virtue

Valentine's Day/weekend was nice. I had a baker friend make a NY style cheesecake for me which was ever so delicious. But it should...it was my own recipe. The sour cream makes it ever so yummy. He loved it. He gave me cologne and candy. I told him no jammiegrams, no blooms, no hoodie footies. Thought it would be a book since he fooled me off with clues of authors and book store ramblings. He's so good at throwing me off. Cologne is good - he gets to enjoy it too.

It's still cold around here, sure am anticipating spring! This is not my favorite time of the year but hopefully warmer weather will arrive soon. Snow scenes are beautiful but ever so tiring after this seemingly long winter. And I like to be chipper and happy and enthusiastic but cold winters with shorter days make life more challenging. On a happier note, recent rain and a few degrees of warming has cleared some of the snow away. See, everything isn't all gloom - but I'm still ready for daffodils. And the branches of forsythia I brought it to force to bloom??? --- well, they are teasing me. But a hint of color is right on the tips, a cross between a spring green and yellow. Surely, it won't be long now before it rewards me with lovely yellow bursts. Soon. Yes, I will try to be patient...

Sweetz is getting energetic about looking for a larger RV. We've checked online and have found a few in our vicinity which seems to meet our financial and space requirements. He suggested we head out Sat to personally check out a few on his short list. Wow, now that sounds like my main guy is getting serious. I'll put the final decision in God's hands and let Him guide us - which and when...or not. We have a small RV now and each night we have to turn a sofa into a bed only to unmake it each morning so feel if we're going to spend any time at all traveling, more room and a separate bedroom would be more comfortable. That way Sweetz can have a place to go when he's in the doghouse!! LOL Would be alot easier if the Sweetzes had a bit more $avings to spend - or a rich uncle, but we'll see Saturday how much our collected pennies can buy. Also we'll determine how motivated sellers are in this depressed economy. Ahhhh, but we will be sitting in their seat sometime when we are trying to unload our little prized RV ourselves. Will we be motivated sellers? Of course! Unseen places still call my name and it sounds like Sweetz is hearing the same call. Hitch itch as some call it. I moved around alot during my childhood so seeing different places will be exciting. Roots are nice, but we can return "home" to see friends and family - on our schedule. Nice to think about that part - self-scheduling. Our own itinerary. Ummm, has a very alluring ring to it.

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