Thursday, February 11, 2010


We haven't had snow since last weekend for which I am thankful. Most everything is still white but there are patches of ground showing through now - nothing like the blizzards farther north. I hear even Texas had some snow - looks like God likes to share the white stuff. Now rain is predicted. Doesn't sound as bad at first glance but too much rain can cause lots of problems too. We have lots of downed trees in our area - looks like a war zone. Mostly pines.

Went to Verizon today after work and bought myself a little phone - nothing fancy. I dropped mine a month ago and now it doesn't close right. Decided I needed to replace it before I was completely without phone access. It has no bells, no whistles, no email, no GPS, no apps, no internet. You know --- a PHONE. Sure, I'd love one of those nicer ones with all the extras, but then I'd be on that thing all day and it wouldn't be for phone calls either. I use my computer at work on breaks for personal stuff so I stay connected as much as I really need. At home, I'm on too much.

Someone sent me an email today with a link to determine how long I would live. Yipes. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, or drive without a seat belt, but still it's not good. And my lack of exercise is consistent with my cyber use. Maybe I could use a treadmill. I could prop my laptop on it and I could climb hills and run marathons while reading blogs and the news. Then I could live two extra years with wrinkled skin and a brain that has forgotten everything except long ago experiences. Doesn't sound like a good trade to me right now. I'm at the stage now that I don't need to hide anything because I couldn't find it myself. But I'm happier now than I've been in years. But maybe that's because I can't remember anything else. hehe Ahhh, might as well maintain a sense of humor and only buy ripe bananas...just in case...

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  1. Like this one too. You make simple things sound good but then I'm a simple person who likes simple things.