Friday, February 12, 2010

16 Legs

Here's a picture of the four deer standing in the snow one morning. They stood at attention and didn't move much except for their heads as they kept an eye on the neighborhood. Must admit they are beautiful but don't like them nibbling my beans down in the summer.

We keep our potted gardenia plant on the patio during most of the year but it gets pampered inside during the winter since it's one of those tropical type. It rewards us with blooms all winter and it's awesome seeing the progression of buds to blooms. And the smell! I'm convinced there will be gardenias in heaven.

Ahhh, it's FRIDAY!!! Another week in the pot. Snow is predicted again this weekend and just got an email from a friend who lives near the SC/NC border who wrote it had just started snowing there. Wow, this is the third weekend in a row. Good thing I ordered and picked up a NY cheesecake for Sweetz, one of his favorites. Stopped after work to pick up a bag of Valentine candy and thought I'd decorate the top with some. Might pipe some icing on it too, who knows what ideas will win out for the final look. I usually just go for it and see what happens and tweak things as I go. I seldom copy someone's ideas, just use stuff I have. Thought I'd try to do something different since the cherry pie filling over the top is just soooo ordinary now. And he deserves something special...if only for putting up with me all these years.

Just peeked outside and there's no snow floating down yet, but I'll keep looking. Don't really want any to be truthful. Enough already! Another friend from NJ emailed today and attached some pictures of a vase of forsythia stems she cut to force to bloom. I was jealous and tromped out to our forsythia plants and cut enough to stuff comfortably in a pottery pitcher. I'll let you know if it works. Yeah, I emailed back to confess that I was a copycat. She won't mind, but will be honored I liked her idea. They have a gorgeous yard - she and hubby spend most of their days outside so it is quite a showcase. But now they are housebound with several feet of snow but they keep the bird feeders filled and have hundreds of birds right near their windows each day. And they send pictures of cardinals and even bluebirds right near the windows. Oh, and hummingbirds at their feeders too. We have a nandina plant that is right under the roofline which sports a beautiful ice creation from the snow melting off the roof.

We received two darling Valentines from the grands today. They are propped on my kitchen shelf so we can enjoy their little creations for several days. Now, if I could just live up to the poem they included. Me? Special? Well, as long as they think so I will love every minute. Now, if this snow stuff would QUIT, we'd head down the road to their house to see them. Hope they enjoyed my Valentines too. I made them especially for two precious little boys who have won my heart.

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