Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Out With the Old - Literally

We're to have a visitor this week - the preacher. Eeeeke, guess that means I need to keep the kitchen clean, the dining area neat, and the living room inviting. With just Sweetz and myself, how difficult can that be? A breeze, you say? Well, I'll try to keep it ready for company every night. But he better come this week and not wait till next week. I'll be pooped by that time!

Sweetz gathered my pile of laundry last night - and another one today...and washed them. Oh, my gracious! Half of the items are shrunk to toddler sizes since he didn't "know" to wash them in cold water and NOT put them in the dryer. Oh, but I was good - never said a word. Just thanked him for his help and nearly lost it after he left the room. Have been thinking what I should do. Talk to him - that's out because he wouldn't understand there's a cold setting on the washer and hangers and a rack for the hang-ups. After 41 years of marital bliss, I think I've learned a few things. Best leave the comments in my head. Anyhoo, now I have an excuse to head out to the shops and buy a few new clothes. I really hate shopping but I'll do that much because I need a few threads while I'm still working.

Speaking of work, my employer is slowly laying off people, a few here and a few months later another couple. Morale is low, and I must admit I've had my moments too. But at least I have my plans in order and if I must leave earlier, then I will. Hopefully with a smile because they made my retirement a bit faster than I had planned. Less money, mind you, but freedom nevertheless. Employment can be fun and exciting and rewarding. Yep, I've had some of those positions over my working career. Other times it has required more of a stretch to keep a smile. Paychecks can only help maintain that smile if there is stress in the workplace. This economy isn't helping matters in our facility as well as throughout the country.

Longevity and loyalty just doesn't seem to be enough for the company to keep you. A new management style pervades companies in these lean times. Out with old methods to make room for new paradiems and systems. Meetings and teams and committees are formed to study issues and formulate solutions that parallel the latest techniques preached by the marketing gurus supposedly adaptable for all the generations who work together. Gadgets are beeping and buzzing and keeping one on time and informed. No overhead paging is required while one is connected to Big Brother for the entire 8 hours.

Retirement snug in a camper seems more and more inviting...

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  1. You nailed it this time, didn't you? Shame too. Things will never be the same, so glad I'm not there except pretty much on my terms. I enjoy a few hours a week when I can do a little, visit what of my friends are left and get a "good" meal without paying money for it. Great job on the blog as usual. When's the preacher coming?