Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Sweetz made supper tonight, well, he usually does anyway since he's semiretired while I'm still working FT. Tonight we had spaghetti and since my mom loves his spaghetti, he invited her to join us. It was delicious and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We sat around the table for a long time just chatting. She asked us how we felt about her getting another car...long story, short, we'll head out checking cars one weekend. She bought her last car on her own and I always felt she was "taken" to use a kind word.

We've put all the Christmas decorations away for another year. Well, I make it seem like it's quite a chore, but we really don't put out all of our decorations anyway. We've been going away for Destination Christmas for 3 years and it doesn't seem to make much sense to decorate too much here. So, anyway, that job is done and I have a few snowmen around to liven the place. We did decide to keep the quartet on the piano for a few more days.

I'm in the process of painting the master bath. The wallpaper is stripped, walls cleaned, spackled, sanded, and now awaiting the perfect paint color. Decisions, decisions. Maybe I should flip through some decorating mags to see if something strikes me as perfect. Not sure why it has to be so difficult for me. Then I need to buy a new mirror, a picture, curtains at the single window, etc. Should be exciting, but guess the winter isn't an exciting time to do re-do's. We are thinking of putting the house on the market in the spring so some things just have to be done. We had to buy a new microwave. Sweetz did it on his own today - bought a stainless one which fits in nicely. Maybe I'm not needed anymore. Well, someone has to fluff the pillows...

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