Monday, December 28, 2009


Mom is 88 today and gets around like a 50yo. Puts me to wondering if I have her genes or will I die much earlier. Whatever, I'm ready.

I had to return to work today after a idyllic week at the beach over Christmas and it was difficult to settle down mentally. Seven days, never enough time when away, but alas, back to work today I had to go. So many fond memories, reflections of both the sunrise on the water and of thoughts meandering through the brain. Sweetz and I were there with my mother, brother/wife. Five people in a beach house with 4 BRs. It was nice and we have so much to be thankful for. I must have taken over 300 pictures last week and I find myself looking at them on the photo frame or the computer over and over again. This is our 3rd year to bond during a destination Christmas...and yes everyone seemed to be in agreement that we wanted to repeat this tradition again next year. Maybe another beach. Why not? Home doesn't hold the grip it once did.

Last night I listened to Jaimie Bruzenak's Five Insider Secrets to FT RV'ing. Is that a possibility for us? Could Sweetz and I survive 24/7 togetherness in an RV? That and more questions clog the mind.

There are more months remaining in my working life than I care to count. Do they go faster as the end nears? Haven't told anyone my retirement date goal. Would hate to report it and then have to work after that date. No, I'll wait until I find the answer myself. I read many FT/PT travel blogs each night than I care to count which just fuels my longing for something beyond working. Wanderlust is scratching at the door. Should we? Can we? How much longer should I work? Is there enough money? In the meantime, I will continue to work and consider all the angles to this upcoming next phase in our lives.

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